Numerous fashions are imposed on us on a daily basis, I wanted to go back to basics and focus on the most unique styles yet.

Personal Tailoring is essential for those who prioritise comfort and style. I don’t believe in dressing down, but I cannot tolerate discomfort when it comes to my clothing. Sartorial styling is of utmost importance when thinking of fine, fashionable clothing. I predict that bespoke methods will combine tailoring and shopping and escalate it to the next level ensuring further satisfaction and appreciation of items. BP fills an unknown gap in the style market where clients are offered something they did not before realise a need but will rely on after. BP is offering perfecting styled fashionable, quality clothing with the added consultancy factor. You don’t need to be a suit connoisseur to get be interested in one of our pieces. What, who, when, why, where and how are the questions asked before creating a custom piece. These answers give me a strong indication about the message trying to be conceived and I can support clients by advising them how best to convey it!

My personal style inspirations come from various factors. The 1900’s, especially the 1920’s was a great year for men’s style. Growing up with The Godfather, Casino, Good Fellas and now television show Boardwalk Empire made it difficult not to want to dress like that, maintain that ‘classic man’ presence was what I took away from that era and world. Excellent fabrics in addition to signature looks from the greats; Mickey Cohen, Lucky Luciano and without a doubt, Al Capone resulted in the elegant, spruced up exterior I appreciate.